Unique Asian escort services in London

Unique Asian escort services in London


This is one unique escort service. It involves submissive dating services which include voluntary sex services. Take not that all services get conducted with the escort`s consent. No one gets forced into this kind of activities. In Asia, this culture has been in practise since time in memorial. The woman submits to the man fully without querying how things get done. Up to date there are men with such fantasies. This perhaps explains existence of submissive escort dating. With increased championing for women`s rights, men have no authority over women. As such, when a man feels the urge to have a woman as his sexy Asian escorts offer the best option.

One thing however remains constant. The Asian escort chosen should have full awareness of what gets expected of her. A man cannot just choose any Asian escort in London. She must have indicated on her profile that she offers such kind of services. Otherwise, a man shouldn’t hire any Asian escorts in London navigate here and force himself on her . This could amount to criminal proceedings which is the last thing a client wants. For that reason, clients should double-check oriental escort profiles for any sign of sex services.

Spicing up your sex  life experience with Asian escorts

Once you have hired your sexy Asian escort, here are a few tips that might be of help. Toys get supplied according to the kind of fantasy a client has. If you dream of having oral sex, your toy gets delivered in respect to that. For anal sex, dildos and any other suitable toys come in handy. If you want real sexy treatment, cuffs get supplied. Whatever it is that you feel like doing, the London escort agency involved will offer. Whether you want to punish, spank, blindfold or humiliate the sexy Asian escort hired will oblige.


Types of Asian escorts in London

Do you want to have a sex hungry cook in your kitchen? Would you like to have a beautiful Asian escort kneeling in your bathroom and begging for sex? Finally, would you like to have an Asian escorts from this Source  and  bound to your bedroom for sex services only? The good news is that all these are possible courtesy of your Asian escort in London. All you need is a London escort agency involved in such kind of activities. As soon as you make the required payment, you will have commenced you journey of pure pleasure and fantasy fulfilment.

Advice from London’s Asian escorts agencies

For both new and old clients, escort agencies offer advice. If you are new, they help you come up with ideas that can spice up your experience. They also take you through the basics of sex  i.e. highlighting the dos and don’ts of the trade. As for the old clients, they get updated regularly about any progress made. Be it a new service in the sex  list or a new and bubbly escort in their agency. It is all about customer satisfaction and most London escort agencies don’t take chances when it comes to this.


Being a part of the escort service which needs consent from the escorts, nothing is left to chance. All escorts are of age and are adults per the regulations of their countries of origin. The clients involved too must have attained the age of eighteen. Even though the Asian escorts get treated as girl friend, some levels should not get exceeded. Some rationality is of essence and that explains the unrelenting need to have only adult participants. Anyone above the age of eighteen no doubt knows where to draw the line between fun and torture.

How to Find London Escorts

How to Find London Escorts

Often it becomes hard to find a good High class London Escort service as ever increasing choice of  London escorts agencies in the London make it hard for the people to differentiate the quality escort services from the ordinary ones. In this regard following are few steps through which you can find a beautiful high class London escorts via some weblink  that will meet your expectations.

  • First of all you have to decide whether you want an independent escort, or an agency service. The advantage of using the agency is, the broker can make suggestion according to your needs, and taste, however keep in mind that hiring an agency means you have to pay more.
  • Always go for a reputable, and well known company even if you have to pay a little more. You should avoid websites where ads are posted daily instead of weekly or monthly as all the fake and below par sites post fake ads on a daily basis.
  • Always keep your budget in mind, and decide everything according to your budget. When you like a London escort agencies  girl  see it here  you must look at her price before finalizing as price does matter. Make sure that you will get what you have seen in the photo as many of the girls are using fake photos to increase their rate, and demand. You can also Google the name o the girl to be sure about her. When you Google the name, there are various other details revealed such as how long she is in the industry, etc.

palo verde escorts


  • Once you decided, and contact with the escort London girls you have to make sure that what kind of things you want to do while spending time with her. Besides that, you also keep in mind that most of these girls have got managers, so it is not necessary that the girl talking to you is the escort as often managers deal on the phone.

Pleasure of your life from London escorts

Pleasure of your life from London escorts

With a surge in the escort industry in London, escort agencies are looking for bright girls. Other than the looks, London escort service providers’ aim at producing witty escorts. This is to make sure men enjoy the company of escorts fully. You will find that most London escort girls undergo training to understand better on how to deal with men. This leaves nothing to chance when it comes to assuring value for your money.

One thing that most London escort agencies emphasise on is friendliness. Escorts will always wear a smile on their faces. This smiles are not artificial, they are naturally cultivated. Agencies give a serene environment that ensures escorts love what they are doing. If a girl is angry, it will always show in one way or the other. This is regardless of the efforts she puts in trying to hide it. To avoid this, agencies encourage day-offs so that their escorts can take part in other social activities. This is important in delivering that much-needed smile.

img (1614)

A smile is the just the top cream of many things in store.  escorts satisfy sexual needs to the customer’s provisions. All this gets done in a professional and fulfilling way. This is all in a bid to keep the clients flowing. Since this is their source of income, they will do anything within their means to create attention. London escorts are also looking forward to long-term service. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you keep going for the same high class london escort over and over.

One of the ways used to keep a long-term relationship is satisfying sexual fetishes. If you hold your sexual obsessions as secrets, then you should consider spilling the beans to your London escort. She will without a doubt fulfil it. They know better, a customer`s wish is their command for client satisfaction is what gets them paid.

Where pleasure fails, they go for security. Where men find solace, they feel at peace. London escorts at some agencies know this too find more info  and they leave nothing to chance. They know how to keep a conversation going. In view of this, they make every effort to make you open up. This is without crossing personal boundaries. If you are feeling laden with lots of thoughts, you might actually consider opening up to your escort. You relieve your load without risking exposure to the public. What you tell your London escort will never get out to the streets, they treat it with a lot of privacy.

img (2121)

Security is not only about what you tell your escort, it extends to the agency. Escort agencies keep any transactions in a discreet way. No one will ever get to know that you sought escort services. Since the business is conducted online, it couldn’t get any safer. Information about your sexual escapades never gets out to the public.

For the professional bit of it, escorts agencies strive to make sure you get what you want. Most agencies provide check boxes. These come in handy in making decisions as precisely as possible. The client selects the escort as per physical traits. The London escorts have profiles and clients get to view this too. An added photo section is available to confirm that what is theoretically explained as true. Sincerely, High class London escort agencies provide enough evidence  this content  to proof that they indeed offer a particular service.


While all this is in good faith, some scammers are out there spoil the convenience of this service. They pose as High class escorts in London with false profiles. Beware! Such people could rip you of your hard-earned money. However, with use of common sense you can beat the scammers at their own game. For instance, why would an elite escort post two dissimilar picture or one picture only? Ask yourself such questions and you will be out of any trouble in-waiting.

Uk’s Royal Mail Soars On Stock Market Debut

Uk’s Royal Mail Soars On Stock Market Debut

Blue colored HTC One is now available in UK, Blue HTC One Mini coming soon

Blue colored HTC One is now available in UK, Blue HTC One Mini coming soon

A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. 1 To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs UK’s Royal Mail soars on stock market debut By Pan Pylas and Danica Kirka, Associated Press 9:07 a.m. EDT October 11, 2013 Royal Mail vans lined up at London’s largest sorting office Mount Pleasant. The shares of Britain’s postal service were up 31% to 432 pence ($6.91) by midday, a hefty gain for shareholders who got them at 330 pence. Nearly 150 million shares, or 15% of the total issue, changed hands. “One can only say that investors have clearly given their stamp of approval to the offering,” said Brenda Kelly, senior market strategist at IG. But the opposition Labour Party argues that the gains prove the government shortchanged taxpayers and could have gotten more than the 1.72 billion pounds ($2.75 billion) it received from the sale. “The government has a lot of explaining to do,” the Labour Party’s business spokesman, Chuka Umunna, wrote on Twitter. The privatization is symbolic for the Conservative Party, the main party in the coalition government. Much of its electoral success in the 1980s under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was due to the sale at the time of state assets such as British Gas and British Airways. Business Secretary Vince Cable, who is a member of the Liberal Democrats, the junior party in government, dismissed claims the sale had been undervalued, telling BBC Radio that the sharp price rise was no more than “froth and speculation.” Big financial institutions, such as pension funds and sovereign wealth funds, are trading the shares Friday in what is known as conditional trading. Smaller shareholders who tended for only 750 pounds ($1,200) and bought through brokers were able to trade, too.

AP Britain Royal Mail

But before you head out to your favorite store to check out this new color, you should know that the Blue color option has been kept exclusive to certain retailers. Hence in order to take a look at the HTC One in this new color, and for all other details about the offer, you will have to go to Carphone Warehouse, the UK retailer that exclusively offers this new color option. The retailer has already started selling the HTC flagship device and is soon also going to start offering the HTC One Mini later this month. So if its the HTC One that you want, you can check it out right away, but if you are planning to get your hands on the HTC One Mini, then just wait for a few more days. By the way, there are a lot of options available to consumers interested in buying the flagship device. In order to help you understand all the options, we have them listed out for you in a systematic way. So check it out. HTC One pricing details (CONFIRMED) On Contract for 32 Carephone Warehouse is offering the HTC One on contract for a price of 32. You are also free to choose between EE, Vodafone, Orange, O2, Three, T-Mobile and Talkmobile. By the way, this is the same cost at which the Silver and Black color options are available. Off Contract for 490 Carephone Warehouse is offering the HTC One without contract for a price of 490. This way, you wont have to worry about any contracts and other terms and conditions.

UK offers help to cyclone victims

‘Can’t live on £500k? I don’t want to hear it’

Prime Minister David Cameron and International Development Secretary Justine Greening both tweeted that the UK would do what it could to help. Nearly a million people were forced to flee as the massive storm roared ashore, destroying tens of thousands of thatch homes, but early indications were that the death toll was relatively low, thanks in part to the mass evacuations. Officials spoke of 17 fatalities whereas a cyclone of similar strength 14 years ago killed 10,000 people. Mr Cameron’s tweet read: “The devastation caused by Cyclone #Phailin is shocking. My thoughts and prayers are with those affected. The UK will do what it can to help”. Ms Greening said: “We are closely monitoring cyclone #Phailin and ready to assist as required. Our thoughts are with everyone in eastern India at this time.” A spokeswoman for the Department for International Development said: “International Development Minister Alan Duncan is due to arrive in India tomorrow morning. He is on a planned visit to review the UK’s transitioning development relationship with India announced in November 2012. He will take a close interest in what support can be provided following the cyclone.” International aid agencies were already in place to help with the aftermath of the storm – the strongest to hit India in more than a decade. The cyclone reached land early on Saturday night and caused large-scale power and communications failures and shut down road and rail links. Seawater pushed inland, swamping villages where many people survive as subsistence farmers in mud and thatch huts, and destroying hundreds of millions of pounds’ worth of crops. The final death toll is expected to climb further as officials reach areas of the coast that remain isolated by downed communication links and blocked roads, but the careful planning for the event appeared to have saved many lives. “Damage to property is extensive,” said Amitabh Thakur, the top police officer in the Orissa district worst-hit by the cyclone. “But few lives have been lost.” Indian weather experts said the storm had sustained winds of up to 131mph while it was over land.

Gap Between United States & United Kingdom Remains Wide For Crowdfunding

Gap Between United States & United Kingdom Remains Wide For Crowdfunding

10£ Queen Elizabeth

The media has been all over Title II of the JOBS act and the effect this will have on crowdfunding given that those seeking to raise funds are now able to solicit investment from accredited investors which should have levelled the playing field a bit more between UK and US based equity crowdfunding sites but actually may have made the divide a little further. Prior to this change investors in both countries could simply self-certify as either sophisticated (in the UK) or accredited (in the US). While both countries still allow for self-certifications, in the US the onus for verifying accreditation has now been placed squarely on the companies seeking funding leading many to require proof or risk a downstream backlash from investors who later turn out to be un-accredited and claim to have been sold / mislead on what they were getting into. For the time being, the UK has a slightly more relaxed approach to handling the certification and to where the blame is put down the line if itturns out the investor is not actually sophisticated. Speaking about regulation is not the main point of this missive. Even if regulations were identical (which they will eventually approach) there are a number of initiatives taking place in the UK which keep the UK on the cutting edge of equity crowdfunding and will ensure that the proportion of the population involved in equity crowdfunding will remain higher than that of the US. I use proportion here as the size of the US Market is roughly 5x the UK market which would make comparing on absolutes a bit lopsided. With that in mind, here are a the top 3 reasons the UK will continue to lead: Government tax incentives for investing in start-ups: While the US has flirted with tax incentives in the form of reduced capital gains tax on early stage venture investments and even reduced capital gains on these investments to Zero for a short period of time as a part of the Small Business Jobs act of 2010, the UK governements Enterprise investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme offer not only Capital Gains Reductions but also tax liability reductions and loss relief in the event that the start-up fails. For investors who dont owe capital gains, the SEIS relief can cover over 70% of the investment meaning investors are only at risk for 30% of what they put up. Fewer Angel Investors: The UK Business Angel Association sticks Angel Investment in the UK at roughly 850 Million per annum. In the US the figure has surpassed the $20 Billion mark and is continuing to grow.

United Kingdom

Alternative medicine lacks regulation By India Stoughton | October 10, 2013 12:25 AM Alternative medical treatments are becoming ever more popular in Lebanon. Holistic treatments such as reiki, acupuncture, homeopathy and Chinese herbal medicine are catching on with the public. Refugee protest in France defused by authorities October 07, 2013 12:22 AM Around 60 Syrian refugees who occupied the ferry terminal in the French port of Calais have left the premises partially achieving their demands. By Brooke Anderson | October 03, 2013 12:19 AM Until recently, smoking nargileh was a pastime typically enjoyed by grandmothers and grandfathers across the Arab world. Former BBC radio host faces two further sex charges By Christine Murray | October 02, 2013 09:17 AM One of Britain’s best-known radio presenters from the 1970s and 1980s, who counted Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi among his fans, was charged with two further sex offences on Tuesday on top of 12 other sex charges. UK Cameron’s party pledges budget surplus if it wins election By Guy Faulconbridge, Andrew Osborn | September 30, 2013 07:42 PM Finance minister George Osborne promised he would continue to cut spending to wipe out Britain’s budget deficit if the Conservatives won the 2015 election, but signalled there could be more money for infrastructure investment. British man arrested in Kenya after mall siege September 25, 2013 12:32 PM The Foreign Office has confirmed that a British man has been arrested in Kenya following the siege at an upscale mall that has left dozens dead. Syria regime would call for ceasefire at Geneva talks: deputy PM September 19, 2013 10:30 PM The Syrian government believes the civil war ravaging the country has reached a stalemate and would call for a ceasefire if long-stalled peace talks in Geneva were to take place, the deputy prime minister told Britain’s Guardian on Thursday. Damascus says West trying to impose will on Syrian people September 17, 2013 11:49 AM Damascus accuses the West of trying to impose its will on the Syrian people, after major powers said they would press for a UN resolution to rid Syria of chemical arms. Eleven G20 states urge ‘strong response’ to Syria chem attack September 06, 2013 06:02 PM (Last Updated: 06/09/2013 06:45 PM) Eleven G20 states call for a “strong international response” to a chemical weapons attack in Syria they said was clearly carried out by the regime. Syria rebels attack regime-held Christian village By Karin Laub | September 04, 2013 09:44 PM A nun and activists say rebel fighters have attacked a regime-held, predominantly Christian village, commandeering a mountaintop hotel and shelling the ancient community from there. British Embassy calls for scholarship applications September 04, 2013 12:22 AM The British Embassy in Beirut has issued its annual call for graduates keen to continue their education in the U.K. with the launching of the 2014-15 edition of the Chevening Scholarship. September 02, 2013 05:44 PM (Last Updated: 02/09/2013 06:11 PM) Friends of Syria representatives, probably foreign ministers, to meet in Rome on Sept. 8: Diplomatic source Putin aide says British vote reflects dangers of Syria strike August 30, 2013 01:42 PM The British parliament’s refusal to authorise a potential strike on Syria showed a growing understanding of the risks of military intervention in the conflict, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s senior foreign policy adviser said on Friday.

Race To London: Federer In The Mix But With Work To Do

Race To London: Federer In The Mix But With Work To Do

London will offer China more than Singapore can, says Boris Johnson

Chinese flags are seen outside Buckingham Palace and infront of Big Ben in London

The elite eight-player field at London’s indoor O2 Arena runs Nov. 4-11. SHANGHAI: Djokovic, Nadal into semifinals No. 1 Rafael Nadal, No. 2 Novak Djokovic and No. 4 David Ferrer already have qualified (No. 3 Andy Murray, the Wimbledon champion, is out following back surgery). Juan Martin del Potro and Tomas Berdych, comfortably in position Nos. 5-6, will almost certainly make the cut. FEDERER: Critics need to back off That leaves three positions hanging in the balance and just 380 points separating seventh-place Wawrinka (3,150) from 11th-place Raonic (2,770) following Friday’s results at the Shanghai Masters. A player could add as many as 1,750 points in the next three weeks with a number of 250, 500 and the 1,000-point Paris Masters still to come. Those alive at this week’s Shanghai Masters could earn more. Federer didn’t help his chances in China when he lost in three sets to Gael Monfils in the third round. The 32-year-old Swiss, a six-time winner of the tour finale, has qualified every year since 2002 but is coming off his worst season in more than a decade. A no-show by 17-time Grand Slam champion would be the biggest surprise.

London Savoy Hotel Sees Risk of Loan Violations

Despite those and other conspicuous wins, few consider Britain to be the first choice partner for China, which is spreading its tentacles across growing swathes of Africa, as well as increasingly into other European countries whose economic difficulties have made them increasingly attractive places for investment. Although the UK is the second biggest external renminbi trading centre after Singapore, many City analysts believe Britain should also capitalise on its role as a middleman between China and its global investments. Business leaders are incredibly keen for us to do this kind of thing, to lead these sorts of trips, says Johnson. That level of political door opening and engagement it is very important for the City at a political level to show its engagement and its commitment to our Chinese partners. And I think youll find business leaders themselves will confirm that. The mayor says London will be able to capitalise on major Chinese-funded projects such as the 1bn rebuilding of the Royal Albert Docks and the 500m plan to restore the Crystal Palace. There is a lot to do, says Johnson. But were determined to show that London has a huge amount to offer, both in financial terms and in the cultural benefits, from the number of Michelin-starred restaurants to the nightlife. Londons delegation will be making the case for that overtaking Singapore, which I believe is perfectly possible. Nonetheless, in a country that still takes a rigid approach to protocol, both the mayors and the Chancellors staff have been keen to ensure that no details of the impending announcements leak out. What is certain is that we will hear more on the funding of Britains next nuclear power station and if technology giants, such as Huawei, will continue to increase investment in the UK, despite growing hostility to the brand in America. The backdrop is David Camerons meeting in London last year with the Dalai Lama, which badly damaged political relations. All ministerial contact was suspended by China after Cameron and Nick Clegg met the Tibetan leader in defiance of a specific request from Beijing not to do so. Johnson claims it did not have a negative impact on the City. This weeks two trips seem to show no permanent harm has been done. Of more pressing concern for many of the delegates will be Chinas record on intellectual property some British manufacturers report that more than 90pc of sales are taken by Chinese fakes, while companies have been locked in repeated legal battles over breaches of copyright.

2013-10-11 roger federer atp finals

This risk represents a material uncertainty which could cast significant doubt as to the groups ability to continue as a going concern, according to an Oct. 7 filing to Companies House by Breezeroad Ltd., the hotels owner. Breezeroads directors prepared projections that assume an improvement in business and indicate the Savoy will continue to meet its debts, according to the filing. If the financial projections arent met, loans to the company, controlled by Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal and a Lloyds Banking Group Plc (LLOY) unit, could become repayable on demand. The Breezeroad directors said they dont think a covenant breach would have a detrimental impact on the groups ability to operate, according to the filing. Costs could be cut to avoid breaching loan terms or talks with lenders and shareholders could be held to resolve any loan violations, the directors said. The hotel had a pretax loss of 53.5 million pounds ($85 million) in 2012, an 8 percent increase from a year earlier, according to the filing to Companies House describing last years results. Revenue rose about 3.5 percent to 58.5 million pounds last year. Prince Alwaleed Kingdom Holding, an investment company Alwaleed controls, and the Lloyds unit, each own half of the Savoy, according to a statement in April, when the hotels debt was refinanced. At that time, the London hotel was valued at more than 600 million pounds. Kingdom is supporting this asset and has a plan with Lloyds for the hotel, Charles Henry, a spokesman for the Riyadh-based company, said by telephone. Lloyds spokesman Emile Abu-Shakra said the bank remains fully supportive of the management and this iconic hotel. We are confident that the business will continue to trade profitably and that it will be able to meet all creditor payments as they fall due, he said by e-mail. Credit Agricole SA (ACA) and DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale have loaned 200 million pounds to a Breezeroad affiliate at a rate of 380 basis points, or 3.8 percent, to 400 basis points more than the London interbank offered rate, according to the filing. Kingdom Loans Lloyds and Kingdom Holding each loaned the group 50.5 million pounds at a 15 percent internal rate of return as part of the refinancing, the filing said.

Prince Releases ‘breakfast Can Wait’ Music Video

Prince Releases ‘breakfast Can Wait’ Music Video

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis lead American Music Awards nominations

Join the Nation’s Conversation To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs Prince releases ‘Breakfast Can Wait’ music video Korina Lopez, USA TODAY 11:12 a.m. EDT October 13, 2013 Prince fans, breakfast is served. Prince performs in concert in Cincinnati in 1985. (Photo: ROB BURNS, ASSOCIATED PRESS) SHARE 113 CONNECT 32 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE There’s no sign of Dave Chappelle, but there’s a Chipmunk (unclear which one), pancakes and a slew of dancers dressed in black a la Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer’s version) in Prince’s Breakfast Can Wait video. There’s no sign of Prince, either. Chappelle dressed up like him for the satrical lyric video. Who knew Prince had a sense of humor? The official one, out on Vevo now, stars the director of the video, 18-year old Danielle Curiel, plays a decidedly sexier version of the purple superstar. Who is she? Prince’s new protege, it seems. He gave her artistic freedom of the video when he read her proposal for it. About halfway through the video, one of the Chipmunks chimes in. You have to see it to understand. Prince, who recently joined the social media wagon, has been drumming up interest in new music, recorded with his 21-piece supergroup The New Power Generation and rock band, 3RDEYEGIRL. Although a release date has yet to be confirmed, the tentatively named Plectrum Electrum, is due out in Jan.

PRINCE_CONCERT_49017356 (1)

Credit: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton By Patricia Reaney NEW YORK | Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:47pm EDT NEW YORK (Reuters) – Hip-hop artists Macklemore & Ryan Lewis scored the most American Music Awards nominations on Thursday with nods in six categories, followed by country-pop star Taylor Swift and singer Justin Timberlake with five each. The duo will compete in the top category, artist of the year, against singer Bruno Mars, Swift, Timberlake and pop singer Rihanna, who collected four nominations. Also getting four nominations were country music pair Florida Georgia Line and R&B singer Robin Thicke. Rapper will.i.am and singer Kelly Clarkson announced the names of the nominees in five of the top categories on Thursday on the ABC television network news show “Good Morning America.” Macklemore & Ryan Lewis also received nominations for the coveted best new artist award, the single of the year for “Thrift Shop,” favorite pop/rock band, and best rap/hip-hop artist and album for “The Heist.” “This year’s lineup of talent is truly very impressive,” Larry Klein, the producer of the AMAs, told a news conference before the final categories were announced. Last year’s big winner, 19-year-old teen heart-throb Justin Bieber who took home three awards including artist of the year, failed to receive any nominations. Florida Georgia Line, pop singer Ariana Grande, alternative rock band Imagine Dragons and Phillip Phillips, the winner of the 11th season of the TV singing competition “American Idol,” will also compete for new artist of the year. “Thrift Shop” featuring Wanz will vie for the best single against Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” featuring Pharrell & T.I. and “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line with Nelly. Thicke, 36, also earned a nomination for favorite soul/R&B male artist alongside singer Miguel and Timberlake, while Ciara, Alicia Keys and Rihanna will battle it out for the top female soul/R&B trophy. Rihanna will also compete against Swift and singer Pink for the top female pop or rock artist prize, while Mars is pitted against Thicke and Timberlake for favorite male artist in the same category. Mars and Imagine Dragons each received three nominations. Former Disney star Miley Cyrus, 20, who caused a sensation with her raunchy performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in August and just released her new album “Bangerz,” and Imagine Dragons will perform during the awards show. Winners of the AMAs will be selected by fans through online voting, which starts on Thursday, and for the first time this year via Twitter. The awards will be presented on November 24 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles and will be broadcast live on ABC and streamed online.

Music | Album Previews – Justin Timberlake, Glasser, Dizzee Rascal & Sub Focus


Love This Town and Heart of a Warrior both recapture the aspirational message and joyful bounce associated with Dizzee, the latter track benefiting greatly from Teddy Skys crisp vocals. It can be no coincidence these two were the more prominent among the new tracks debuted when supporting MUSE earlier this year. The standard edition of The Fifth includes Bassline Junkie as the sole bonus track. Its a riotous postscript to what current Rascal fans know and love, heavily contrasting with the first half of The Fifth. Sadly, the tracks inclusion makes it all too clear where the rest of the album falls down. A few good tracks lost in a sea of video game music. Josh Woodcock Sub Focus -Torus(5/5) After four years, Sub Focus needed to deliver something impeccable and with Torus hes done just that. Following the release of single collaborations with Kele Orereke and Alex Clare, Torus showcases immense tracks, catchy hooks and Sub Focus at his best. Both energetic and punchy, by the end of album opener Torus youre on a one way trip to infinity and beyond. Twilight has a chilled intro, flaunting his versatile production style, easing you in and out of the albums serious bass and drops, whilst Close is a stunning track with 90s dance elements, handclaps and a hint of garage. The beautiful, jangly guitar on Out of Reach shows that this album will appeal to more than just die-hard DnB heads.

Food Stamp Debit Cards Not Working In 17 States

Food Stamp Debit Cards Not Working In 17 States

D6 food stamp 03

fourth Friday of each month; Town Hall, 520 Main St., Windermere; town.windermere.fl.us Wall Street Block Party: 11 p.m.-2 a.m. Friday and Saturday; Wall Street Plaza (between Orange and Court avenues), Orlando; foodtruckbreakout.com Space Coast Harley Davidson Food Truck Crazy: 11 a.m.-3 p.m. first Saturday of each month; 1440 Sportsman Lane N.E., Palm Bay; foodtruckcrazy.com Food on Wheels: 5-10 p.m. Saturdays; Tropical Ford, 9900 S. Orange Blossom Trail , Orlando; 407-936-4332 Leesburg Food Truck-n-Flick Nights: 5:30-9 p.m. second Saturday of each month; Leesburg Towne Square, 501 W. Main St., Leesburg; FoodTrucknFlick.LeesburgPartnership.com Winter Park Food Truck Crazy: noon-5 p.m. fourth Saturday of each month; Fleet Peeples Park, 2000 S. Lakemont Ave., Winter Park; foodtruckcrazy.com Munchies Food Truck Sundays: 1-10 p.m. Sundays; 1737 N. Alafaya Trail, Orlando; 321-662-0738 Oviedo Mall Food Truck Crazy: 4-8 p.m. second Sunday of each month: 1700 Oviedo Marketplace Blvd., Oviedo; foodtruckcrazy.com COMING SOON Quantum Leap Winery: 7-10 p.m. Nov.

Restaurant review: Crooked Spoon Gastropub in Clermont

Mark Manary it isnt just a pipedream but a reality. Dr. Manary stumbled across peanut butter as a solution to saving the lives of severely malnourished children while working in a Malawi village in 1999. It was during his time that he noticed people struggling with inadequate farming methods and nutrition and devised a food substance which was bacteria-resistant, easy to make and source, as well as being full of vitamins and nutrients. The answer, to him, was obvious. Two years later the American conducted a series of tests with peanut butter to see if it made a difference in reversing the effects of severe malnutrition without children requiring a hospital stay or travelling hundreds of miles for treatment. He made a ready-made mixture, or ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF), and found 95 per cent of children had recovered from malnutrition within six weeks of eating the peanut butter paste. A child before treatment (left), two weeks into treatment (center) and six weeks after treatment started (right).Photo: http://www.projectpeanutbutter.org/ Dr. Manary told news.com.au from west Africa that the evidence was overwhelming that the food has the potential to save millions of lives. The ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) can treat severe malnutrition anywhere on the planet, he said. And he said the success rates speak for themselves. This approach is beyond research and innovation, he said.

This simple food could end world hunger

“It’s just been some angry folks. That’s what a lot of folks depend on.” Mississippi Department of Human Services director Rickey Berry confirmed that Xerox, the state’s EBT vendor, had computer problems. He said he had been told by midafternoon that the problems were being fixed. “I know there are a lot of mad people,” Berry said. Sheree Powell, a spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, started receiving calls around 11:30 a.m. about problems with the state’s card systems. More than 600,000 Oklahomans receive SNAP benefits, and money is dispersed to the cards on the first, fifth and 10th days of every month, so the disruption came at what is typically a high-use time for the cards. Oklahoma also runs a separate debit card system for other state benefits like unemployment payments. Those cards can be used at ATMs to withdraw cash. Powell said Xerox administers both the EBT and debit card systems, and they both were down initially. Like Ohio’s Johnson, Powell said that Oklahoma’s cash debit card system has since been restored, but the EBT cards for the SNAP program were still down. Powell said Oklahoma’s Xerox representative told them that the problems stemmed from a power failure at a data center, and power had been restored quickly. “It just takes a while to reboot these systems,” she said, adding that she did not know where the data center was located.

10 Gross Food Trends to Avoid

Food Trends to Avoid The uncomfortable side of comfort food Walk into any fast-food restaurant and it’s apparent that comfort food is back…with a vengeance. Many chains are embracing lard-laden menu items that pack on cheese, processed meats, and carbs. Case in point: Pizza Hut’s Cheesy Crust Pizza, which features the world’s first “cheese pockets” in the crust. Each slice of their Meat Lover’s pizza weighs in at a whopping 460 calories and tallies 1090 mg of sodium. Another biggie? Sonic’s brand new Cheesy Bacon Pretzel Dog. Just one dog with all the fixings accounts for 42% of your daily fat intake and over half of your day’s recommended sodium. Buck the Trend Cutting your cheese cravings off at 400 calories can be what you need to indulge and still lose weight. You don’t have to swear off fast food entirely, eithersome drive-through options are actually crazy-healthy! Check out these 10 Seriously Healthy Fast Food Meals to see what we mean. Food Trends to Avoid Fruit fakers You know the phrase, “Fake it ’til you make it”? Well, that doesn’t apply to fruit.

Celebrity Instructor Tara Stiles Conducts Shape Yoga By The Sea 2013

Celebrity Instructor Tara Stiles Conducts Shape Yoga By The Sea 2013

Celebrity Week In Review: Kris And Bruce Jenner Separate, Lea Michele Speaks Out And More

to test the new program, according to a report. AFP RELAXNEWS Tracy Anderson / AFP Tracy Anderson “The Method For Beginners” DVD. The trainer has launched a new program just for men. Related Stories Rose McGowan marries artist Davey Detail Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson , famed for sculpting the famous physiques of Gwyneth Paltrow and Molly Sims, has launched a new program just for men. According to Details magazine, the 38-year-old hardbody has already recruited the likes of Matthew McConaughey and Robert Downey Jr. to test the program. RELATED: TRACY ANDERSON: I COULD TRANSFORM LENA DUNHAM The men’s program will include $40 for each class at Anderson’s Los Angeles and New York City studios, beginning October 14. A DVD release will follow in early 2014, plus classes on Xbox Fitness . While Anderson has created a fitness empire with her dance-based technique using light dumbbells, she doesn’t plan to change that too much for the guys. Weights will be about five to ten pounds (roughly three to five kilos), but with enough repetitions to leave you aching. Plus the course will feature “high-intensity, agility-based cardio work” and a “focused core routine that defines the abdominal muscles,” according to a press release.

Shape Yoga by the Sea 2013, currently the largest of its kind, is part of a series of all-women outdoor mass yoga events organised by Shape Singapore, a magazine published by SPH Magazines Pte Ltd. It is the fifth instalment of Singapore’s first women-only mass yoga work-out. This year, the event welcomed a guest instructor from the United States: Tara Stiles, celebrity yoga trainer and Reebok global fitness ambassador. The work-out lasted one and a half hours, with Vivafit instructors leading the first 45 minutes and Tara leading the second half of the session. At the end of the event, all participants received an attractive wellness pack worth $40 each. Li Yuling, Editor of Shape, said: “From the growing participation numbers and positive feedback, Shape Yoga events have been very well received. Yoga is a low-impact work-out that offers both physical and mental benefits. Besides improving flexibility and endurance, studies have shown that yoga can also boost concentration and memory. But these are not the only reasons for the popularity of Shape Yoga events. “For many of us, the company is just as important as the activity itself. Shape Yoga by the Sea gives women the chance to exercise with their friends in a relaxed and unintimidating setting. Team Shape will continue to create more opportunities for women to come together in the name of health and fitness.” Diana Lee, General Manager, Fashion & Beauty, SPH Magazines, said: “Over the past nine years, Shape magazine has played a pivotal role in the women’s fitness movement in Singapore. The growing demand for events such as Shape Yoga by the Sea shows that we are on the right track.

And I said to her, ‘Well, Im gonna have type 2 diabetes. All jokes aside for this next one. Lea Michele gave her first interview since boyfriend and “Glee” co-star Cory Monteith’s death, telling TV Week Australia that she felt like she was in a daze after hearing the news. I really woke up every single day feeling like I was being in some sort of spell or something, that I was lucky enough to have him in my life,” Michele, 27, said. “I feel like what happened with Cory [the cause of his death] was this big, she explained, reportedly holding her fingers together to reflect a tiny amount, “in the scheme of who he was and his life.” See the best photos of the week below: Loading Slideshow Snooki and Cheryl Burke went out and about in West Hollywood, Calif., on Oct. 11. Celebrity Photos: October 2013 Sandra Bullock arrived for the premiere of her new film “Gravity” at the 57th BFI London Film Festival on Oct. 10. Celebrity Photos: October 2013 Khloe Kardashian supported Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edwards as he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Oct. 10. Celebrity Photos: October 2013 “Grey’s Anatomy” actress Sandra Oh stopped by the ABC studios to appear on “Good Morning America” on Oct. 10 in New York City.

Usa Picks Up Three New Drama Series

Usa Picks Up Three New Drama Series

USA Gymnastics ‘Disappointed’ in Racist Remark

USA Network may be the No. 1 basic-cable network for the seventh year running, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t want to up it’s game when it comes to original programming. On Wednesday USA announced that it had given the green light to three new drama pilots, including one from “Burn Notice” creator Matt Nix. “These pilots illustrate our continued commitment to creating the next evolution of powerful original dramas for which USA is well known,” said Chris McCumber, the network’s president, in a news release. “This particular mix of dramas comes from some of the top writers and producers in the industry, each of whom brings a distinct point of view and unique talent for developing high-stakes story lines and compelling characters.” The announcement that Nix has a new show in the works comes hot on the heels of the September series finale of “Burn Notice.”In its seven years on air, Burn Notice was a huge hit for USA. In 2009 it became the most-watched scripted series ever on basic cable in the coveted 18-49 demographic. It was nominated for multiple Emmys over the years. FALL TV 2013: Watch the trailers In September Nix told The Times , “I have another show at USA — a pilot — hopefully it’ll go to series but you never know, and I’m acutely conscious of how lucky I was to have something like ‘Burn Notice’ my first time out. I know firsthand not everything is successful and you really have to savor the things that are.” Nix’s new project is titled “Complications” and it’s about a jaded suburban ER doctor who saves a child’s life during a drive-by shooting, killing one of the assailants in the process. It turns out, however, that the boy’s life has been marked and the doctor makes it his mission to protect him. The second pilot to get the go is “The Novice,” about a recent college grad who, thanks to the sour economy, turns to a life of crime to support himself and his family. It was created by Joe and Tony Gayton ( “Hell on Wheels” ). The final contender is “Rush.” It was created by Jonathan Levine ( “Warm Bodies” ) and is about a Hollywood doctor who makes discreet house calls to the rich and famous while also partying with the best of them. That’s until a former lover reappears and challenges the way he views his life.

Hollywood backlot moments

Things started to really change from the start of 2013, when Mexicos own struggles began. El Tri failed to win any of its first five qualifiers, while the USA shook off a Hex-opening loss to Honduras to eventually take over the group. For us, it wasnt a shaky start, Howard said. It was a tough loss on a hot day in Honduras, and it was only one game. After that match we still had nine to go and we hadnt played a home game yet. It was all part of the process. The U.S. team hit its stride this summer, eventually taking control of the qualifying group while Mexicos struggles continued. The capper for Howard and the USA was the latest 2-0 victory over El Tri, which came last month. Fridays win versus Jamaica didn’t just help the USA clinch first place in the group on a night Mexico needed a dream bicycle kick from Raul Jimenez just to take fourth place, and have a chance to qualify for the World Cup via a playoff. The U.S. win also marked the Americans’ fifth qualifying shutout in a row for a perfect 5-0 Hex at home. For me, and for Brad (Guzan) and the rest of the boys in the back, that stat means more than anything, Howard said. Without that foundation you cant move forward, and weve set the bar real high. I dont know if its done before, but it feels real good and its tough to do. The U.S. teams outstanding run through the final round of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying, coupled with its dominant run to win the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup, has left little doubt which is the best team in CONCACAF.

Ives Galarcep: Two years after Mexican reign supposedly began, it is the USA wearing CONCACAF’s crown

After fellow Italian Vanessa Ferrari and Ferlito finished fourth and fifth on balance beam just behind Biles Ferlito said with a laugh, “I told Vane that next time we’ll have our skin black also so we can win, too.” Biles won the all-around title earlier in the week, the first black gymnast to become world champion. At last year’s London Games, Gabby Douglas became the first black woman to win the Olympic all-around title. On Tuesday, Ferlito tweeted, “I want to apologize with the Americans girls. I didn’t want to sound rude or racist. I love Simone and I’m a huge fan of USA gymnastics.” She then added, “I’ve made a mistake, I’m not perfect … I didn’t think about what I was saying. I’m just a human. I’m so so sorry.” In trying to explain Ferlito’s remarks, a federation spokesman may have further inflamed the issue. A post on Facebook by “Federazione Ginnastica d’Italia,” which links to the federation’s page on the social networking site, attributes different athletes’ abilities to race. David Ciaralli, the federation spokesman, acknowledged to the Chicago Tribune that he wrote the post. “Possibly in saying this, I made a mistake, and I am sorry,” Ciaralli told the Tribune. “What I said was my thoughts, not the official thoughts of the federation.” USA Gymnastics president Steve Penny still called for an explanation. “USA Gymnastics is disappointed by the recent comments made by Carlotta Ferlito and apparently by the Italian Gymnastics Federation,” Penny said in a statement. “Gymnastics is a global and inclusive sport with talented athletes, and there is no place for racial insensitivity.